Dry Foam Carpet Cleaning: How it Works

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Dry foam carpet cleaning is a good way to clean your carpets with minimal moisture. Many people are switching to this method because it is effective and dries quickly.

Dry Foam Basics

In order to take advantage of dry foam carpet cleaners, you will need a carpet cleaning machine to lay down the foam. The machine is required because, in addition to the application of the foam, you use the bristles from the machine to agitate the carpet and break loose any dirt or stains.

Most machines are also designed to vacuum up the leftover residue, if any, directly after the application. If the machine does not have a vacuum built-in, simply wait until the carpet dries and go over it with a regular upright vacuum to remove any leftover residue.

Getting Started with Dry Foam

Before you start cleaning with dry foam, you need to first vacuum the whole area you will be cleaning. This is important because it eliminates any unnecessary waste of dry foam chemicals. This will also allow the entire dry foam application to get down deep into the carpet fibers and pull out the dirt.

You can find dry foam carpet cleaning products online or at your local general merchandise store as well as specialty vacuum shops.