Dryer Vent Covers: 3 Reasons You Need Them

A dryer vent.

You may think dryer vent covers are frivolous or cosmetic, but they are actually a vital part of the dryer vent system. Here are three reasons you shouldn’t ignore a good dryer vent cover.

Outside Elements

The outside air can enter a home through an open dryer vent. This causes you to spend more on your heating and cooling, and can also allow rain or snow into your home. In order to prevent this, you should not only be sure to install a dryer vent cover, but you should install one that has a seal. Some covers have an interior flap that serves as a seal that opens when the dryer is pushing the warm, moist air out, then closes so the outside air can’t enter.

Rodents and Birds

A dryer vent without a good cover can be an open invitation to rodents such as mice and squirrels to enter your home. Birds have often been known to build nests in dryer vents as well.

Energy Savings

An efficient dryer vent cover can save you money in energy costs by increasing your dryer’s efficiency and lowering the heating and cooling costs.