Drywall Removal Tools


Drywall removal is not a difficult job to finish or complete. With the proper tools and a little patience, you will have it removed in no time. Remember to prepare your work area and your work surface before you begin this type of project. Remove any furniture or items from the room and cover the remaining with drop cloths.

Circle Cutter

The circle cutter has two sharp serrated wheels that pivot and make a sharp center tip. The circle cutter scores the surface of the drywall so you can easily knock out the plug hole.

Utility Knife

The utility knife has a very durable blade. If after using the blade over and over it becomes dull, you can just snap the blade off so you have a sharp edge to continue the job.

EZ Rip Drywall Cutting Knife

It is very light and quite easy to use. It not only enables you to cut, you also can measure and mark with it. It can cut different sizes of drywall. It also can cut thin pieces of drywall equally. It also has a storage area that will hold up to 10 blades at a time.

Drywall Saw

There are 2 types of drywall saws that you might need. The manual saw or the jigsaw. The jigsaw has 2 types of blades, a coarse or one that is specific for removing drywall and helps cut in a circular or curved line. On the other hand, a manual saw can do the job just as well as a jigsaw. The manual saw has coarse teeth and a sharp pointed end. The course teeth do feel smooth to touch.

Keyhole Saw

The keyhole saw has a long and tapered blade. They are used to cut near tight curves. Keyhole saws cut by pulling the saw and have very sharp teeth. It does make a clean cut in a hard to get area. They are usually 10 to 12 inches long. They come in either a retractable blade or a fixed blade.

The fixed blade keyhole saw is not as expensive as the retractable one. The retractable blade is a very sturdy blade and has a handle made of cast iron. Sometimes they do have wooden handles too.

If you want to save a little time, rather than using the keyhole saw there are two power tools that are quicker and require less effort. They are the jigsaw and the spiral saw.

Drywall Rasp

This tool is for smoothing the rough edges of the drywall.


Snips are for cutting any metal that you might find when removing the drywall.

Drywall Router

This is used for making round cuts. For instance, if you are removing the drywall around the light fixture box, you would use the circle cutter of the router.

Drywall Stripper

This is for the places that are narrow and very hard to cut.


This is used for used as a ruler to mark a spot and helps guide where you need to cut.