Drywall Texture Gun: Proper Tool Use

A drywall texture gun comes in handy when you have to drywall the walls and ceiling to hide any flaws. Though there are many tools available for this purpose, this texture gun is most preferred due to its ease of usage. There are few things you need to keep in mind in order to reap the benefits of this texture gun.

Point 1: While using the sprayer of this gun, the spray tends to settle on things kept all around. While using this gun, ensure that you cover the furniture and carpet. Keep all your clothes inside the cupboard to prevent them from getting dirty.

Point 2:
You can make use of the adjustments on the gun to select the different texture patterns. It is suggested that you first spray on a cardboard to see if you are getting the texture pattern that you have in mind; if not, you will have to make further adjustments until you get the desired pattern.

Point 3: While using the drywall texture gun to spray the walls, make sure that you are at least 4 feet away from the wall so that the chemicals do not affect you and the spray does not spill too much.

Point 4:
Do not spray in a hurry using this texture gun. You have to move you hand slowly ensuring that you do not leave any spot on the wall uncovered. Remember, that you are not competing with anybody and there is no need to rush.

Point 5: Do not paint immediately after spraying the wall using the drywall texture gun. Let it dry completely and then you can paint so that your wall does not get messed up.