Drywall Tips 3: Most Common Mistakes

Renovation and hanging drywall in existing house master bedroom.

Sheetrock panels are easy to install, but repairing drywall can be a pain once it's up and painted and the room's furnished. So get it right the first time and avoid some common installation mistakes. Doing so can help you avoid the cost and trouble of drywall repair. Keep in mind, the single most common error in any project is the failure to read and follow the manufacturer's instructions for the tool or material being used.

Not allowing for insulation, ventilation, moisture control, and wiring prior to the installation of drywall

Not installing nail guards where wires or pipes run within the studs nails or screws will not penetrate

Placing seams at door corners

Contaminating the compound with debris or dried chips of compound

Not getting nailing pattern inspected (check local code before covering nails with compound or tape

Not having insulation and utilities inspected (check local code) before covering with drywall

No sanding between layers of drywall compound

Driving nails too deep so that they break the paper on the panels

Not using drywall nails

Not sanding the final coat of compound to a smooth finish

Not butting two panels of drywall at the beveled factory edge

Dinging or damaging the edges of the panels

Not completely covering the tape with compound

Not applying the ceiling drywall before applying the drywall on the walls

Not butting sheets at a stud or rafter

Applying the drywall sheets with the wrong side exposed

Creating more seams than is absolutely necessary, i.e. using small scraps.