Dual Flush Toilets Explained

dual flush toilet

If you are looking for a way to conserve water while maintaining the full power flush of a standard toilet, then a dual flush toilet may be a perfect choice for you. Even if you don’t immediately recognize the term, you are probably already familiar with dual flush toilets. Increasingly, public toilet facilities are choosing this option for their patrons.

Initially developed in 1980 by Bruce Thompson of Caroma Industries in Australia, where water is often in short supply, the dual flush toilet gives the user the choice of 2 different flush options for disposing of their waste. To conserve the most water, a flush can be limited to 3-liters for liquid waste. A more full power option use full 1.6-gallons of water to flush solid waste.

Retailing between $300 and $450, the dual flush toilet does have a single negative aspect, but it can leave some waste residue in the bowl. If you don’t mind using your toilet bowl brush a little more often than normal, you can be a lot more eco-friendly and reduce your water consumption a great deal.