Dual Purpose Furniture for Small Spaces

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When your home is short on space, you want to make the most out of every square inch. That means several things: cutting down on clutter, getting creative about storage, and living with just the necessities. One way to maximize the value of those necessities is to furnish your space with dual use furniture. Here are some of our favorite multipurpose home items.

Kitchen Storage Rack with Counter Space

Small kitchens present two major challenges: storage for appliances, food items, and tools, and open counter space for food preparation. Storage racks with built-in counter space are relatively affordable, and help maximize the potential of a tight cooking space.

Shelf Lamp

Pick a lamp that doubles as extra storage and decoration. Take advantage of lamp designs that feature shelves, like illuminated bookcases. These provide the perfect place to display picture frames, candles, or other decorative elements, and let you save space while not skimping on design.

A footstool with a storage compartment

Storage Ottomans

When you find a piece of furniture that doubles as a storage container, you’ve hit the jackpot. The great thing about storage ottomans is that they come in a range of sizes and shapes, making them perfect for the end of your bed, the middle of your living room, or basically anywhere else you think they would be useful.

Convertible Chairs

When you don’t have a ton of room, you likely don’t have an extra bedroom dedicated to visitors. That doesn’t mean you can’t plan for those guests, though. Invest in some nifty convertible chairs or chic futons that can transform into guest beds. If you're a frequent host, this will save you from having to store an air mattress, which can be bulky and cumbersome, even when deflated.

Dual Purpose Mirrors

Mirror cabinets are a great choice for small spaces, and there are a range of combination mirrors available that pair with other helpful household items. Some standing mirrors, for example, can double as ironing boards—a great space-saving hack.

a woman opening her bathroom mirror cabinet

Wall Mounted Tables

Tables that fold down from the wall, or attach directly thereto, are among the most useful kinds of space saving furniture. Whether you use these surfaces as a desk, a place to dine, or a way to enhance your entertaining experience, they can help make the most out of the small space you have. Many feature additional storage space, especially those designed as desks.

Pop-Up Coffee Tables

Another great table option in a small space is a coffee table that “pops up.” The tops of these tables can be lifted, and some feature extending arms that make their surface easier to reach from the comfort of your couch.

Couch Armrest “Table”

This is more of an accessory than a piece of furniture, but it’s a nifty space saver! An armrest table is a flexible wooden cover that fits on virtually any armrest. This provides a solid surface to rest a drink or a small light on, replacing the need for an end table. Some of these even have built in stands for your tablet or phone.