Dual Showerheads: How to Replace a Showerhead with a Multi-Head Fitting

Learning how to replace a showerhead with a multi-head fitting isn’t difficult if you use the right tools. Follow these simple steps to help you install and adjust the showerheads to give you a fully satisfying bath-time experience.

Tools and Materials Needed:

  • Dual showerhead kit
  • Teflon tape 
  • Adjustable pipe wrench

Step 1 - Purchase a New Dual Showerhead

In general, dual showerhead fixtures consist of two heads running from only one pipe. They allow for more water flow that covers a larger area and can be adjusted to various desirable positions. The dual showerhead will provide you with a quicker and more efficient shower. There are limitless types of models from handheld to vertical to opposite-sided that can be purchased in various materials such as steel, chrome, plastic, or brass. You’ll have no problem choosing a product that matches your individual preferences and the design of your bathroom. You can even choose between adjustable and massaging heads, and also showerheads that incorporate an modifiable pressure so that you can relax right in your shower.

Step 2 - Remove the Old Showerhead

Prior to removing any parts, shut off the water supply to the bathroom. Carefully unscrew the existing showerhead from the threaded pipe. You don’t want to break the seal and create a leak in the wall where the showerhead pipe is connected to the vertical water supply line. Once the showerhead is removed, clean the pipe threads of dirt. Whether you’re installing a new showerhead or replacing an old one, always clean the pipe threads and apply new pipe sealant to prevent leaks. Use detergent or a small wire brush to remove dirt. If the threads are corroded, it’s also advisable to change the showerhead pipe.

Step 3 - Mount the New Dual Showerhead

Before installing the new dual showerhead, you should turn on the water and flush away any debris that could be lingering in the pipe after your clean-up. This will help you to avoid any jams in the small holes of your new showerhead. Use Teflon tape to wrap the showerhead pipe threads several times. Hold the end of the pipe that you’re wrapping so that the threads are covered properly to avoid any possible leaks. Screw the new dual showerhead into the showerhead pipe. Tighten it carefully by hand. If using a wrench, be careful not to scratch the pipes. To avoid unwanted scratches, use a rag to cover the pipe and put the wrench over top of the rag to tighten. Be careful not to over-tighten so as not to damage the threads.

Step 4 - Adjust and Test

After installing the showerheads, it’s time to adjust both of them so that they’ll be angled to spray at the desired directions, giving you the most comfort when taking a shower. Now that the installation and adjustments are complete, turn the water on again and check for any leaks. You’ve done your task and you can now use this shower and enjoy the luxury of having dual showerheads in your bathroom.