Dull or Glossy Laminate Sheets on Your Countertops - What's the Difference?

Laminate sheets come in a wide variety of colors, styles and designs. Deciding on what laminate sheet finish you want for your countertops may require you to think for what purpose you are choosing the particular type. Would you rather choose a dull or glossy laminate sheet on your countertops? Both are readily available in the market and come in standard sizes or specialized dimensions which some suppliers can made-to-order for you. If you are planning on restoring your worn-out countertops, would you rather go for the functionality or decorative aspect when choosing the right laminate sheets? Consider the following:

Dull laminate sheets

Dull laminate sheets lack luster and somewhat dim. They look generally flat. Depending on usage, these sheets can be used on workrooms and other horizontal surfaces where no particular importance on design and décor aspects is your priority. Materials and objects placed on top are secured because of its non-slippery characteristics.

Maintaining dull laminate sheets is easy and the quality lasts longer. Dusts tend to be easily incorporated on the surface so wiping needs to be done regularly. These sheets are also easy on the budget than glossy laminate sheets because of the cheaper materials used. When the time comes for you to replace these sheets with the same quality, the procedure is simpler than the glossy laminate sheets although the first few steps are the same.

Glossy laminate sheets

Glossy laminate sheets have lustrous, polished surface. You choose this type if you want to enhance the atmosphere and ambiance of your work area, particularly the kitchen and bathroom. The glossiness improves the lighting due to its reflecting qualities. The surface is easy to clean and wash using soap and cleansers. Oil and grease are washed-off easily because they do not stick well to the smooth and slippery surface.

The downside in choosing the glossy laminate sheets is the maintenance part. When the glossy top coat gets scratched, it remains there. Since these countertops, especially in kitchens, are used every day, objects (pots and pans, knives, chopping boards, utensils, etc.) placed on it wear the top coat and may need replacement in a few years. This is so if you are particular about having a well-maintained countertop, that is, for your house guests to appreciate it.

It’s All Up to You!

Choosing between dull or glossy laminate sheets really depends on your purpose and your budget. You might also want to consider the opinions of your housemates so everybody is satisfied with the choice you are going to make. You might even want to look at countertops of your friends’ and neighbors’ houses. It is also wise to ask the professional opinions from the managers and sales agents of these types of products. Do a little bit of research. A lot of websites on laminate sheets are available in the internet to satisfy your thoughts. Try to be curious and inquisitive so when you make your final decision, it is really what you want.