Earth Oven Designs to Consider

An earth oven can turn simple baking into a delightful, culinary experience; earth ovens are wonderful for baking breads, pizzas, meats or any other food that does well in a conventional oven. Building an earth oven is also a very rewarding and satisfying DIY project: however, there are a few things to consider when choosing an earth oven design. Here are a couple of common earth oven designs to consider.

Brick Ovens

Brick ovens are usually made from the standard-sized ‘red bricks’ used in home construction; they are durable, relatively easy to construct and retain heat very well. Brick ovens are normally constructed on top of elevated concrete slabs. Brick ovens are more akin to the types you see in some old-fashioned style pizza restaurants. While they make excellent earth ovens, they can be very expensive to design and construct.

Adobe Ovens

Adobe ovens are ovens made from sundried, aged blocks of mud or dampened soil. Adobe ovens are the types most usually depicted as those used in times gone by. Adobe ovens designs require significant skill and patience to construct; however, if you're looking for a true 100% earth oven then an adobe oven is as authentic as you get. While adobe ovens are labor-intensive, construction costs are usually very low.

Others to Consider

There or other types of oven designs you may wish to consider such as: clay ovens, cob (mixture of clay and straw) ovens and stone ovens. In fact, there are many various types and designs to choose from, but you should choose a design that matches your particular style and construction ability.