Easily Program a Universal Ceiling Fan Remote

Having a universal ceiling fan remote allows you to easily control your ceiling fan's particular speed. Additionally, programming the remote to your fan enables to enjoy your own customized settings and takes little effort to accomplish. Consider the following guidelines and information in order to program a ceiling fan remote.

Find the Brand

The brand of the ceiling fan and of the remote are important in determining how to program your remote. Make sure to find the brand of each and the instruction books that came along with them. Should you have lost the instruction booklets, you can go on-line and probably find the frequency settings that are needed for each.

Locating Dip Switches

Since all ceiling fan/remotes are set to work on a specific frequency, you’ll need to find the dip switches to program the remote or change the frequency. There will be one switch in the remote control and one on the fan unit. The switch for the fan can usually be found near the motor housing. Make sure the switch on your remote and your fan are displaying the same number.

Locating Added Receivers

If you have a receiver that was added on, then you will need to look for the dip switch on that unit, and not the fan itself. With add-on receivers, you may have to adjust the settings several times before the remote will start working correctly.

Check for Correct Function

When you have finally found the right settings, it’s a good idea to turn it on and around your home and make sure nothing else was turned on. This is a common issue. If you use the same frequency on more than one electronic item unknowingly, then you will end up turning on and off more than one device.