Easily Propagate Your Gardenias

Part of the beauty of planting gardenias is that they are so easy to propagate, especially from cuttings. Follow these steps to grow a new plant cut from an established and healthy gardenia.

Make Cutting

Take cuttings that have 1 to 2 sets of leaves on them. If the cutting has more, you can either cut it into more parts to make multiple cuttings or trim the leaves off the bottom. It is important that the leaves on top remain.

Plant in Pot

Use a good common soil rich in nutrients. Use an ice pick or skewer to poke a hole down through the soil, and place the cutting inside up to its bottom set of leaves. It is important that whatever end of the cutting was on the bottom before stays on the bottom, as that end is the one that will form roots.

Water the cutting profusely, until you see water dripping out of the holes in the bottom of the pot. Then stop and wait until the water stops dripping.


Place your cutting on an upside-down lid for a clear, Rubbermaid container or something similar. Overturn the container itself on top of the cutting. Leave it someplace semi-shaded and frost-free (if in the winter). Before long, you’ll start to see moisture build up on the inside. Leave the cover on so the plant retains moisture.

Sometimes your cutting will establish roots and outgrow your pot. If it isn’t yet spring, you can simply transplant to a new pot and cover the gardenias again.