Easy DIY Rustic Picture Frames

Lead Image
  • 1-2 hours
  • Beginner
  • 0-30
What You'll Need
Unfinished frame
Hot glue gun
Additional glue sticks
Brown craft paint
Paint brush
Assorted tree branches
Acorns and/or pinecones (optional)
Assorted silk leaves (optional)

Creating your own rustic picture frames is a simple way to bring rustic décor into any home. Bringing a rustic style into your home does not need to be expensive; you can easily create accessories out of many different objects found in your own backyard. You can choose between a classic tree branch frame and a creative frame adorned with acorns.

Step 1 - Paint Picture Frame

A painted picture frame is the perfect backdrop for your tree branches. Using your paint brush, paint the entire wood portion of the frame brown. Make sure you paint the edges because they will be seen upon display. If you want a softer look allowing the wood grain to shine through, add a small amount of water to your paint. You can also rub off any of the excess paint to give it the appearance of a stain.

Step 2 - Place Your Twigs

hand trimming small branches

Using your pruner cut your twigs down to fit the sides of your frames. Begin with the longest sides first, and then work toward the smaller sides. When cutting your twigs cut them at an angle so they meet together in the corners of the frame. Take the twigs you have cut and place them around your frame to ensure you have enough to cover the entire picture frame.

Step 3 - Glue Your Twigs

Starting from the outer edges and working your way to the center begin gluing your twigs. Start with your longest side, placing glue onto each end of the twig. Hold your twig firmly in place until the glue sets; this should only be about 20 to 30 seconds. Repeat this process on the opposite side of the frame, and then move to the outside edge of the top and bottom portion of the frame. Once you have the outer edges taken care of repeat the same sequence until you cover the entire frame, working from the outside to the inside and all the way around. Using your discretion take any remaining twigs and fill in the holes to give a cohesive look to each side of the frame, remember this is rustic so it does not to be perfect.

Step 4 - Embellish Your Frame

handful of acorns

This step is optional, but if you feel confident in your craft skills this is where you can add the wow factor. Taking acorns and small pine cones that you have collected from your back yard or local nature center begin adding embellishments to the corners of your picture frame. If you want to add color, this is also the time to do it. Look for silk leaves in reds, oranges and rust tones at a craft store and add these with a few acorns to the top center of your frame.

This is a fun, easy project that is almost completely free for you to create. Finish off your rustic design with pictures of your family outdoors, or a favorite rustic landscape.