Easy Effective Driveway Cleaner

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Driveway maintenance can become a lot easier if you are familiar with which type of driveway cleaner should be used for different cleaning demands. Some of the most effective and easy-to-use driveway cleaners have been listed below:

Citrus-based Driveway Cleaners

Lime extract and lime juice are among the few, universally-acknowledged cleaners. Lemon extract is often used in household detergents and soap bars for its ability to dissolve hard stains formed by grease. Most of the citrus driveway cleaners use citrus juice concentrate in a high proportion. Citrus juice concentrate can also be resourced from an orange. These can be interpreted as the safest and most eco-friendly of driveway cleaners. Further, the lack of any chemical component in such cleaners ensures comprehensive safety for the users.

Lemonade Mix for Driveway Cleaning

This variation of the citrus-based cleaning mixes can be prepared at home. Here, you need to prepare the cleaning solution with some basic, household supplies. The lemonade mix is prepared from warm water and lemonade concentrate. After mixing the concentrate in the hot water, allow it to cool down to room temperature. The lemonade mix, when combined with thorough brushing with a hard-bristled brush, can remove the hardest of driveway stains.

Vinegar Mix for Driveway Cleaning

If it seems that the citrus cleaner isn't very effective at completely removing the stains, you can use a white vinegar cleaning mix. You can prepare this by preparing a mixture of white vinegar and plain water in a ration of 5:1. The solution should be dabbed on the spot and left untouched for about 15-minutes. For harder stains, you can pour a few drops of white vinegar directly over the stain. Vinegar-treated stains can be easily scrubbed-off.

Alkaline Grease Removers or Industrial Degreasers

These are essentially high-strength cleaners and are not meant for general cleaning regimens. An alkaline degreaser is used for removing the most demanding of grease stains. These cleaners have an alkaline base which upon reacting with the grease stain forms an alkali compound that doesn’t stick to the driveway’s surface. These cleaners are perfect for cleaning oil spills. Usually, the packaged instructions explain the ideal method-of-use, including dilution details and the ideal, retention time.

Rust Removal Driveway Cleaner

Rusting spots can be comprehensively removed by combining some conventional, retailed products with household cleaners. Purchase an iron-dissolving or iron cleaning paste. Knead this paste with some cooking flour into a thick consistency. You can spread this paste on the stain with a plastic spoon. The paste helps to wear-off the stain without causing discoloration on the driveway floor.

Oxalic Acid-based Driveway Cleaners

Various derivatives of oxalic acid are used in the preparation of cleaning solvents and detergents. However, oxalic acid driveway cleaners contain a more concentrated form of the acid than the conventional cleaners. Oxalic acid cleaning solutions are often retailed as mineral-deposit removing solutions. These solutions are used for removing age spots caused by hard water or rusting.

Muriatic Acid Driveway Cleaner

If you are faced with stains that cannot be removed with the above-mentioned cleaners, you should use the proven combination of pressure washing and muriatic acid. However, you should consider muriatic acid as the last resort. This acid can be poured directly over the stain after minimal dilution. Muriatic acid should be used according to packaged instructions. Further, it needs to be washed off with a pressure hose. To ensure that none of the acids are retained, sprinkle some baking soda over the cleaned spot and wash it again.