Easy Money-Saving Wood Projects

A grouping of photos hanging from wood pieces.

In today’s world, everyone is trying to do what they can to save money. And while there are many ways to get the most out of your budget, one fun and effective way to do this is with DIY projects.

An especially versatile material to use in DIY projects is wood. There are so many fun and simple projects to be done with wood, and each will be effective in helping you stretch your hard-earned cash.

Image above via Heels in the Mud

Wall Art

When it comes to decorating your home, there are countless ways to adorn your walls. However, store-bought mirrors, artwork, or even decorative bulletin boards can be quite costly! Instead of splurging, you can easily create wall art for your home with wood. Long boards with a wire across them make for a great backdrop to hang things like photos and cards with metal clips. Switch out the images with the seasons to keep your work fresh.

End Table

A tree stump table.

Image via ehow

This particular furniture piece could run you a bill of $100 or more if you were to buy one, but making it out of a wood stump is a far more economical option that will give your home some serious flair. Believe it or not, it's easy to find a tree stump that can be used as the top of the table. Search your neighborhood for tree stumps that are sitting out for garbage pick-up, or look on sites like Craigslist where people advertise them for free. Using a drill, screws, and purchased table legs, it’s easy to assemble this piece of furniture. Before you know it, you’ll have a beautiful end table with tons of character.

Wine Rack

There’s no need to buy an expensive wine rack in order to have a chic and trendy place to store your bottles. Instead, you can easily make one out of wood! You’ll need a sizable wooden plank, a drill press that has the capability to drill on an angle, sandpaper, a pencil, stain and/or shellac, L-brackets for hanging, and a tape measure. To create the piece, begin by cutting the wood to the desired size, depending on how many wine bottles you want it to hold. Then, use your pencil to mark where the holes will be drilled. You will want to drill on a 30 degree angle, so leave four inches between each hole. Drill the holes, making each large enough to fit the neck of a wine bottle. Then, sand the wood and stain or shellac it as desired. Once it dries, hang it on your wall, placing wine bottles in the holes facing downward. You’ll have not only a functional wine rack, but a decorative piece for your wall as well!

Wall Hooks

A grouping of tree branch wall hooks.

Image via Woods of Narnia

Instead of buying pricey wall hooks, easily make your own! These will elevate the levels of convenience and organization in your home while saving you some green. Make some out of sturdy branch pieces found in your yard. All you need are the branches, sandpaper (optional), a knife, paint (optional), a drill, and some nails to hang them with. Knife the back of the branches until they are smooth and peel all of the bark off of them, unless you prefer the natural look. If you want to paint them, sandpaper the branches until they are smooth, and then give them a couple coats. Once dry, simply use the drill and nail to hang them, and you have some pretty awesome hooks that cost next to nothing!

These are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to wood projects that are a money-saving goldmine. They’re fun, easy to complete, and are bound to give your home a lot of character.