Easy Patterns for Throw Pillows

What You'll Need
A yard and a quarter (1 1/4) of 45" fabric, or a yard (1) of 55" fabric
2 1/2 yards of trim
A sewing machine
An iron and ironing board or other ironing surface
Pins, scissors and thread
You may want a rotary cutter and mat for cutting your fabric

There are several easy patterns for making throw pillows. You can refurbish the look of your living room and bedrooms by following the 7 easy steps below. Save money by recycling the look of perfectly good pillows with faded or worn exteriors instead of buying new ones.

Step 1: Cutting the Fabric

You will need one 21 inch x 21 inch square piece of fabric for the front of the pillow. For the back, you will need 2 rectangles each measuring 13 inches x 21 inches. 

Step 2: Put it Together

To keep the edges from fraying, use a zig-zag stitch or an overlong stitch to sew the edges together. You are attaching one long side and both short sides of your rectangular pieces to your square piece of fabric.

Step 3: Polish it Up

Use a better stitch for the exposed straight edges of the rectangular pieces of fabric. Fold about 1/4" to 3/8" of the edge over twice and stitch it down by using a straight stitch.

Step 4: Trim Down

Starting at the bottom right side of the front of the pillowcase, pin the trim. Make sure that the sewing band is on the outside. The trim that should show on the final product needs to be on the inside of the square. Use plenty if pins as you go and do not stretch the trim.

Step 5: Prepare to Sew

Now pin the entire pillow together. Line the corners up and pin carefully. Make sure not to stretch the fabric or trim. The nicely hemmed ends of the rectangles will overlap.

Step 6: Sew Time

Using a seam allowance that matches the width of the trim, sew around the pillow. Remove all pins before you sew each section of fabric.

Step 7: New Pillow

Now that you are done sewing, turn the fabric inside out and iron it. You can now stuff the new pillowcase with your favorite throw pillow or a generic pillow bough at crafts or fabrics store. This is very easy. Just think of it as stuffing a pillow into a pillow sham; it is the same concept on a smaller scale. Once you have the pillow inside the pillowcase, shake it and move it around to ensure that it is even and smooth so that it looks just right when place on your bed or sofa.

You should now have an easily-made, beautiful throw pillow for your bed or sofa. This is just the beginninggo make more.