Easy Replacement Window Installation

A replacement window installation need not be a formidable challenge, even though it may seem complicated. If you have decided to upgrade your existing windows and you have basic handyman skills and tools, you should be able to finish this window replacement project. Here are a few tool, materials, and suggestions that will make your job easier.

Things you'll need:

  • Broad chisel
  • Screwdriver
  • Tape measure
  • Fiberglass insulation
  • Scissors
  • Caulk

Step 1 – Remove Your Old Window and Hardware

Use a broad chisel to remove trim from inside your window, along with stops and moldings. From the window frame remove all weights and cords. Next, you'll need to remove the top sash. To do this, pry out the stops you'll find at the sides and to of your old window, being careful to avoid damaging the stops as you pry them loose. For windows that use metal tracks, remove these tracks by taking out any staples that secure them. This will allow you to remove the track, along with the sashes.

Step 2 – Install Sill Angle

To install the sill angle on mechanical windows, slider windows, or casement windows, install it 1/8 inch in back of the blind-stop. To install on welded windows, attach the angle to the window frame bottom.

Step 3 – Check New Window Measurements

To check the new window to be sure it will fit properly, first, close the window sashes and lock them. Place your new window in the window opening and check its top, bottom, and side edges to be sure it will fit properly. Then, take the new window out of the opening and set it aside.

Step 4 – Fill Empty Weight Cavities

Use fiberglass insulation to fill any cavities that are empty. To add this insulation into the cavities, cut off the weights from the ropes, tie them to the insulation, and use these rope ends to pull the insulation into place.

Step 5 – Caulk the Stool

To both edges—inside and outside—of the stool, apply a large amount of caulk. Add caulk also to blind stops on their outside edges, and to the header opening top edge. If on the window top you need a head expander place it on the window top and add caulking on the top surface. If needed, add insulation between frame and header expander.

Step 6 – Set New Window Into Opening

With window sashes locked, insert the new window from the inside into the window opening. Place the exterior frame against the opening blind stops.

Step 7 – Attach the New Window

Into the screw holes on the window frame sides, drive in the supplied screws. To install a head expander, raise it so it is parallel with the opening top. If necessary, replace the inside stop. Into the space between window opening and frame, pack insulation. To avoid making the window bow, avoid forcing the insulation into place.