Easy Ways to Decorate and Update Kitchen Cabinets without Refinishing

Kitchen cabinets that are outdated can really bring down the overall look of a kitchen, and unfortunately, cabinets are one of the most expensive components when it comes time to remodel. It is possible to decorate and update solid cabinetry without stripping and refinishing or repainting. Here you will learn easy ways to decorate and update kitchen cabinets without refinishing, and with a few easy additions you can completely update, change, and improve the appearance of the most popular room in the home.

Handles and Knobs

One of the easiest and most dramatic ways to update kitchen cabinets is with new handles and knobs. Cabinet hardware eventually looks dated and worn, just like old cabinetry, and replacing old handles and pulls can make a remarkable difference. If cabinets and drawers never had handles or knobs they can be added just the same. With careful leveling and measuring it is a very easy task to add hardware to bare cabinets and drawers, and this alone will give kitchen cabinets a completely new look.

Wood Relief Carvings

Did you know you can buy wood relief carvings that can be glued to wood furniture and cabinetry? Visit almost any local wood working retailer and you will find dozens of styles of ready-to-finish carvings. All you have to do is remove cabinet doors or drawer fronts, and after the carvings are stained and sealed to match kitchen cabinetry, attach them with high-quality wood glue. Keep the doors and drawer fronts on a flat work surface until the glue has dried completely. Once the doors and drawer fronts are reattached they will look completely new and remarkably different.

Decorative Trim

The addition of decorative wood banding is another easy way to decorate and update kitchen cabinets. The thin strips are available in many colors, designs, and widths. They are easy to cut and glue into place along edges, and they will turn ordinary cabinetry into unique cabinets that add designer appeal to the kitchen. Using a router, a groove can be made in cabinet doors and drawer fronts, and wood banding can be inlayed for a very unique and rich appearance.

Tip-Out Trays

Update kitchen cabinets by adding a little more storage space. False drawer fronts can be outfitted with handy tip-out trays that can hold kitchen sponges, writing instruments, or anything else that is typically found in the junk drawer. Tip-out trays will not hold an entire drawer full of odds and ends, but they can make a difference. You will find tip-out tray kits online or in most major home improvement stores, and they are very reasonably priced.

Once you have added new hardware and other decorative add-ons, the kitchen cabinets will look entirely different. For far less than the cost of completely remodeling the kitchen or adding new kitchen cabinetry, you can give your kitchen a fresh new look. No matter the style of existing kitchen cabinets, if they are solid and in good condition, you can find ways to bring them into the present and improve the overall look of the room.