Easy Ways to Attract Birds to Your Yard

Birds eating berries from a tree in winter

One of the best things about having a yard is the ability to enjoy nature and all its elements, including wildlife. No matter where you live, you undoubtedly have flying friends that grace your yard from time to time. Birds are so interesting to observe and enjoy in your yard, so for many peoplethe more birds they have in their yard, the better! Learn how to attract more of these creatures to your outdoor space and you may even see some new species of birds.

The Benefits of Birds in Your Yard or Garden

Besides being tranquil and interesting to look at, did you know that birds actually pose a benefit to your yard and garden? These animals can play an advantageous role for flowers and plants in several ways. For instance, certain birdslike hummingbirdspollinate gardens. Other birds do their part in spreading nectar to allow for brighter and bigger flower blooms. In addition to that benefit, birds such as sparrows and finches help with weed control. These species of birds eat weed seeds to keep a more tidy garden without any work on your end.

How to Attract Birds to Your Yard

Three birds on a window box

There are many simple tactics you can take to attract beautiful birds to your yard. Some of these things to try are listed below.

Create a Lush Environment

Birds take notice of plants as they signal a spot for shelter and food for these animals. Making your yard lush with shrubs and bushes creates an oasis for birds. These plants also attract insects, which many birds dine on. The more plants you have in your yard, the more likely you are to attract a wealth of birds.

Provide a Water Source

Birds, like humans, need water to survive. Installing a bird bath somewhere in your yard is an inviting and attractive feature that will have birds flocking to your yard in no time, particularly during the warmer and drier months.

Provide Birds with Food

Probably the best way to attract birds to your yard is to provide them with a food source in your yard. Installing a bird feederor several, for that matterwill bring birds to your yard to feast on seeds and bird food, rewarding you with the chance to observe these birds as they enjoy a meal. Fill your bird feeder with black oil sunflower seeds to attract songbirds and seeds such as safflower, millet, or nyjer to encourage birds of more unique varieties to visit your yard. You can mix these seeds together to attract all types of birds at once.

Besides using bird feeders, there are additional types of foods that birds love. Birds such as jays and magpies love peanuts and peanut butter. These birds also love whole nuts or shelled nuts. Try creating a bird feeder by rolling a pine cone in peanut butter, then rolling that in seeds to attract these types of birds.

Birds such as orioles enjoy fruit such as oranges, apples, melons, and grapes. More unique species of birds enjoy fruit as well. Add these to your feeder or scatter fruit along the outskirts of your yard to bring new birds to your space.

Maintain Your Feeder

bird on a full bird feeding tray

Sure, keeping a bird feeder flush with food is a good way to keep birds flying into your yard. However, you’ll also want to keep your feeder well maintained to ensure return visitors. Every so often, you’ll want to clean your bird feeder. This will rid it of bacteria and even potential diseases that these flying visitors can bring to your yard. Cleaning your feeder is simpleempty it and use a 10 percent bleach cleaner along with a scrub brush to rid it of germs. Then rinse it off thoroughly and let it dry before returning it to its normal spot with fresh food.

Offer Nesting Materials

Birds need to create their own homes and build strong and comfortable nests. Providing these creatures with the materials needed to do this makes your yard a haven for them that they’ll love visiting. Leave cotton fluff squares and lint that you can purchase around your lawn for birds such as hummingbirds and goldfinches. Other birds make use of lawn clippings, which you can easily leave when you cut your lawn. This is a simple and effective way to draw birds into your outdoor space.

Enjoy the company and chirping of birds from near and far when you make these simple changes to your yard, encouraging flying friends to visit at all times of the year!