Easy Ways to Increase Attic Ventilation

Having proper attic ventilation is sometimes a bit difficult. However, it is not an impossible endeavour. Here are a few ideas you could implement to improve the ventilation in your attic.

Increase Vents

The most straightforward way to increase attic ventilation is by adding vents in the roof or in the eaves. If your roof is composed of shingles you can eliminate some of them easily by cutting with a utility knife. Then, using a drill you can make a hole in the roof, large enough to fit a vent into place by means of galvanized nails and some cement mix.

Ventilation Fans

Another easy way to improve attic ventilation is by installing ventilation fans in specific areas of the attic. It is important to place a ventilation fan, or an exhaust fan, as high up as possible. There are various types of attic ventilation fans. The most traditional ones work by means of electricity. These vary in size and power, according to the area of your attic. However nowadays there are also the solar powered attic fans, which are more economic and environmental friendly.

Install Soffit Vents

A good way to improve ventilation is by installing soffit vents between rafters. Soffit ventilation allows air in, which can flush your attic of stagnant air.