Easy Ways to Repair Accordion Shutters

White accordion shutters on windows of a peach house
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After investing the money to buy good quality accordion shutters, the last thing you want to do is have to buy a whole new set. Dings, scratches, holes, and even shutters that don't close can easily be repaired. Depending on the degree of damage to your hurricane shutters, you will need to determine what supplies are necessary. For dented shutters, a metal hammer, a block of wood (cut to fit), and a strong surface will be necessary.

If there is a hole, buy three times the amount of scrap metal needed to completely cover it. Also, you will need a blow torch, goggles, heat resistant gloves, and long handled tongs. Replacement parts may be necessary if your shutters will not open or close, but you will be able to determine what you need once you examine them closely. Below you will find instructions detailing exactly how to repair your hurricane shutters.

1. Dents

Although they may just be aesthetically distracting, sometimes a large enough dent in your hurricane shutters can affect proper operation. If this is the case, you will need to uninstall them and put your shutters on a hard surface. Find the dent, then place your pre-cut piece of wood underneath.

The wood will likely need to be cut into the shape of a triangle so it fits snugly underneath of the shutters. Using your metal hammer, gently strike the dent until the area on your shutters is smooth. You may have to flip them over and repeat the process on the other side. Once smooth, you can reinstall it.

2. Holes

metal hurricane shutters on a window

Accordion shutters with holes can let debris into the area it protects, which may cause damage. You will need a clean workspace to repair your shutters, making sure you have all necessary safety gear on before starting. Place a piece of scrap metal over the hole in your shutters, making sure it completely covers it. Use tongs to hold the scrap metal and use the blow torch to heat it. After about 10 seconds, place the scrap metal over the hole. Use short circular motions with the blow torch to fuse the scrap metal to your shutters. Wait about a minute, then check the shutters to see that the seal is secure. If needed, apply more heat from the blow torch until you are certain the scrap metal is completely fused. Turn your hurricane shutters and repeat this process. After the hole is covered on both sides, find the back of the shutters and apply a second layer of sheet metal using the blow torch.

3. Inoperable

If your hurricane shutters will not completely open or close properly, there is probably something wrong with the track. Visually inspect the tracks, and use your hands or a cotton swab to sweep away dirt and debris. Try again to open or close your shutters. If you find that something is still wrong, you will probably need to find a replacement spring or inside track for your shutters. Hardware stores and online hurricane shutters dealers are both great places to find the replacement supplies necessary. The installation process is very easy, and you will probably be able to simply remove the faulty part in your shutters, then put the new part in its place.