Easy Ways to Spruce Up Old Ceramic Tile Patterns

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Ceramic tile patterns, intricate or basic, break up the monotony of standard tile. Many tile jobs consist of white tile that is very uniform. Old ceramic tile patterns are not bad but are outdated and very basic. The article below will share with you some ways of updating old ceramic tile patterns.

Stenciled Designs

Upgrade ceramic tile patterns by using stencils to paint on some of them. Try such things as fruit, vegetables, herbs, and even phrases or quotations. Stenciled designs can go on with several kinds of paint, such as watercolors, and then a sealer applied to protect them. The stencils stick to the tile, and you simply fill them in with the paint of your choice.

Tile Color Change

Changing individual ceramic tiles seems as if it would be a very difficult job, but it is easier to remove one tile than it is to remove an entire set. Select the tiles you want to change and pick a new solid color for those tiles. You will then cut the grout and chisel out the ceramic tile. Clean the site and the surrounding tiles. Apply adhesive to the new tile and press it in place. You can then add new grout.

Tile Border

One of the simplest ways to breathe new life into ceramic tile patterns is to add a border around the current pattern. The tile can be larger or smaller than the current tiles in the pattern. The tile used in the border can also be glass or different colors. You will either remove the original outer edge of the tile or place the new tile on the existing exposed wall.

Wall Paint

Instead of going out of your way by replacing sections of ceramic tile, you can enhance ceramic tile patterns by simply painting the adjoining wall. The color is up to you, but it should be complementary to the color of the current ceramic tile. Use a paint that is impervious to moisture in order to preserve it for a long time.

Wallpaper Border

The same idea that goes into using wall paint also applies to using wallpaper. Do not wallpaper the entire wall but just add a border around the tile pattern. Use colors that complement the colors of the tiles. Also, use wallpaper with a pattern that reflects the pattern of the ceramic tiles.

Tile Stain

This is an easy way to change ceramic tile patterns. You can use watercolor paints to paint the tiles and then wipe them off. After several applications, the color will darken and remain opaque. Use a good sealer to keep the color intact.


Not many people know it, but you can stain grout to be any color you like. After you’ve stained the new grout, remove the old by scraping it off. Apply the new grout, which can set off the color of the current pattern.

Glass Accents

This is similar to removing old patterned tiles and replacing them with solid-colored ones. Use glass tile instead of ceramic. Depending upon size, the empty space left after you remove a ceramic tile might accommodate and look nicely filled by up to four glass tiles.