Eco Friendly Decorations for a Green Holiday

For a truly beautiful home this season, decorate with thoughtfulness and enjoy a green holiday.  Not only will your home stand out from the crowd, but you’ll enjoy the energy saving benefits and natural longevity of eco-friendly decorations for the holiday season.

Green Holiday Decorations for Any Climate

Whether you will enjoy a white Christmas or not, your holiday decorations can be environmentally friendly.  Even if you live in the tropics, the holiday season can be filled with green decorating alternatives.

Consider solar lighting for green and red (or any other color) beams that you can use to line pathways and brighten the front garden.  Bringing in traditional holiday plants, such as poinsettias, would create an enormous carbon footprint, so opt for local plants in traditional colors. Succulents with dark green leaves decorated with red bows look just as festive and add a unique look to your home.

Look to Nature

If they are available in your area, natural evergreen boughs are the simplest and most beautiful way to decorate your home for the holidays.  Arrange large bows in a tall vase for a stunning entrance way or twist them together to create a gorgeous and green wreath.  Wrap with them bow and ribbon saved from past holidays, and you have even more color.

Pine cones are another easy item to add to your holiday decor.  In a clear glass bowl, a variety of pine cones makes for a subtle center piece.  String them together and hang from your tree or hook them into your natural wreath along with dried berries and other small branches.

Recycling Is For the Holidays Too

Gift bags are an excellent alternative to traditional wrapping paper since you can easily use them again (and again and again).  There are plenty of other ways you can recycle during the holidays as well.

Save the wrapping paper you receive and cut gift tags out of it, writing the name of the recipient on the back side.  Also, the front of last year’s Christmas cards make for good gift tags and embellishments for plain gift bags.

Use this year’s cards to decorate your window.  Hang them from fishing lines or tape them onto the wall in an interesting pattern. That way you can have the holiday wishes of your loved ones on display to appreciate all season long as well as reuse them for beautiful green holiday decorating.

Go Retro

Shine up old ornaments and display them with pride, or pick up some retro holiday décor at the second hand shop. You’ll be cutting down on production and packaging waste by avoiding purchasing brand new ornaments. Consider using actual socks hung from the mantelpiece for your family stockings, although the kids will likely want the largest size.  

If the old Christmas lights are a hassle to unravel, and replacing bulbs is a lot of work, think about switching to more energy efficient LEDs. They are a greener alternative and will last for years without needing bulb replacement.

Small, simple changes can make for easy green holiday decorating. From natural decorations to recycling and reusing items from past years, environmentally friendly holiday decor is a wonderful way to celebrate.