Eco-Friendly Types of Limestone Sealer

It is necessary to seal your limestone before use to preserve and protect its beauty, and there are eco-friendly limestone sealers available. You must seal your limestone, as it is a very porous and soft stone. The sealant will fill the porous holes in the stone and prevent corrosion and decay of the stone.

Limestone Sealants

Limestone sealants enter the interior of the stone surfaces where they resist and prevent damage while allowing the porous stone to breathe and release moisture. Therefore, these sealants protect the stone from stains, the formation of mold or mildew and prevent discoloration. Sealing limestone is a vital process in maintenance and installation to preserve the integrity and protection of your stone.

Environmentally Friendly Sealants

There are numerous types and varieties of limestone sealants available for purchase. There are several varieties of eco-friendly sealants that offer the same level of stone protection as other sealants, while remaining safe and environmentally friendly as well. Some sealants are notably more environmentally friendly than other sealants. The more environmentally friendly sealants are water-based solutions and are free from solvents while remaining non-toxic as well. All eco-friendly sealants will, by nature, be non-hazardous and non-flammable due to the lack of added chemical that other sealants may contain. In addition, all environmentally friendly solvents will not release and VOC or noxious fumes.