Eco-Friendly Ways to Paint a Concrete Patio

If you are considering whether to paint your concrete patio, you might consider doing it the eco-friendly way. Nowadays there are a lot of eco-friendly paints available in the market, and usually it is cheaper than the normal, non eco-friendly paint. Eco-friendly paint is used for a variety of jobs, including painting concrete patios. Normal paint is a threat to the environment because it may contain a lead base, which is a toxic substance; it may also cause headaches, asthma, fatigue etc, so why not opt for eco-friendly paint.

You can easily find different types of eco-friendly paint to use such as clay paint, lime wash or milk paint.

Clay Paint

Clay paint is made out of clay and earth-based materials with the help of a solvent, which is water. Many people don’t opt for clay paint because it is rather expensive. Normally it is available in various color but intermediate colors cannot be mixed. Clay paint is excellent for interior painting because it tends to control the temperature but can also be used for outside purposes such as for painting a concrete patio.

Lime Wash

Lime wash-based paint is mainly manufactured from limestone, more accurately from calcium. Again the solvent is water. Lime wash paint dissolves into the surface where you are painting, thus it offers a unique and eco-friendly solution. Lime wash paint has an elevated resistance against outdoor natural weathering thus it is very suitable for outdoor purposes such as painting a concrete patio. The only drawback of lime wash is that you have to give several coats before finishing the job, because of its properties. So to conclude on this, lime wash paint is excellent for indoor purposes as well as outdoor jobs and offers an effective eco-friendly solution.

Milk Paint

Although it may sound strange, milk paint has unique advantages and provides a new eco-friendly solution. The basic ingredient of milk paint is casein, which is a common substance found in milk. The mixture is made with the latter substance, that is, casein, along with clay and some natural pigments. Normally milk paint is used for interior purposes because it doesn’t offer an effective resistance against natural weathering but with today’s technology the paint can be toughened but to get an accurate opinion you can ask your local paint vendor.


Like any other non eco-friendly paint, from time to time it will need some maintenance. The latter shouldn’t be too expensive. Regarding concrete patio paint, the maintenance due is to be calculated with the actual concrete patio maintenance but eco-friendly paint should offer the same protection as normal paint.


Those were a few examples of what is on the market; you can always ask your local paint vendor if there is eco-friendly paint, specially made for concrete patios. Eco-friendly paint offers an alternative to normal, in some cases harmful, paint, thus if you want to contribute to the conservation of the environment, choose an eco-friendly paint for your concrete patio.