Eco-Friendly Ways to Remove Wood Lacquer

Being eco-friendly is important and removing wood lacquer the environment safe way isn't hard at all. Here are a few options if you find yourself with this task.

Speed Heater

The speed heater is a new method but it works to get the lacquer off while still being friendly to the environment. It will heat the lacquer, causing it to peel so that you can scrape it off. However, the heat is low enough in temperature that there are no fumes released into the air.

Paint Strippers

They have a few different eco-friendly paint strippers. While they may be hard to find in stores, you can easily find them on line to order. The type of remover that can take off wood lacquer is made from soybeans and not only does it work great, but it is completely biodegradable and there aren't any terrible odors like many other paint strippers.The best part is that this product doesn't require sanding at all. You just have to layer it on, wait and then scrape it off easily.

Years ago there weren't very many household products that were eco-friendly, but now the market seems to keep growing. Using either one of these removers will get the job done and you will have fresh wood to work with!