Edging a Sidewalk with a Weed Eater

If you want the look of a well-groomed lawn, it's important to edge your sidewalk with a weed eater. Here are a few things to consider when it comes to choosing the right one and using it correctly.

Selection Matters

Be sure to choose the right type of weed eater for the job. For smaller yards, an electric one will work. Large yards require more power so a gas-powered weed eater is the better choice. Gas-powered weed whackers should also be used if you have thick weed growth along your sidewalks.

Positioning the Tool

For clean cuts, flip the weed eater over so the guard is facing up. This allows the string to spin perpendicular to the ground. While standing on the sidewalk, position the string at a 90 degree angle from the edge of the grass. Allow the weed eater to ride the side of the sidewalk without pressing against it.

Pointers for the Best Cut

  • Avoid edging in wet or semi-wet conditions since the grass will stick to the string and reduce its ability to cut well.
  • Take long steps while cutting to reduce number of times you jerk the weed eater. The more often it's moved, the crookeder your line will be.
  • Keep your upper body straight.