Effective Home Flea Removal

What You'll Need
Anti-flea pet shampoo
Warm water

Effective flea removal is often a hard undertaking. Fleas can multiply fast and before you know it, they may have already wreaked havoc in your home. They are so tiny, it is hard to see them with the naked eyes. We usually only know they are in the house when we start feeling the effects they can have on our love ones and pets. To be effectively rid of these pests in the home, you either spend hundreds of dollars for the services of a contractor or you try to eliminate these parasites yourself.

Step 1 – Know the Reasons Behind the Infestation Problem

Find the source of the flea problem in your home. Most often, the pets can be the source of the infestation. Pets may unknowingly rub against surfaces contaminated with these kinds of parasites, thus spreading them in your home.  

Step 2 – Disinfect the Pets

Purchase an anti-flea shampoo designed specifically for the kind of pet you have. Bathe the pet in warm water and apply the shampoo liberally on its fur. You might want to leave the shampoo on the pet’s body for a few minutes in order for its effects to set in. Brush the pet’s coat with a soft-bristle brush to get rid of dead fleas and eggs.

Step 3 – Clean All Areas of the House

Vacuum all pieces of furniture and carpet in the house. Don't wait to see a flea or egg in your furnishings to determine whether they are infected or not. Fleas can be too small to be easily seen by the naked eye and they may be hiding in the spaces of your carpet and furniture. Discourage possible further infestation by keeping furniture and carpets clean. Similarly, vacuum every nook and cranny of the house, paying special attention to areas that usually get high traffic. Further, remember to clean the vacuum bag immediately after cleaning, to keep adult fleas from crawling back into areas of the house.

Step 4 – Wash All Linens and Beddings

Wash all cloth that may be infected with fleas. These include carpets, curtains and clothes that have been previously in contact with the infected pets. Use warm water when washing and leave them to dry under the sun. This will help ensure that all fleas are eliminated.

Step 5 –Disinfect the House

Disinfect the entire house by applying Borax to the infested areas and adjacent places. Borax can kill not only fleas but also other parasites that might thrive in your home. Take extra care when applying the solution, as Borax can be toxic especially to children and animals.

Step 6 – Keep Your Pets Away from Other Pets in the Neighborhood

Attach a collar and a leash to your pet to keep them from mingling with other infected pets in the neighborhood. Your animals may have gotten the fleas from other pets, hence it is wise to keep them at home to keep them from contracting any more fleas.

Getting rid of fleas is essential to keeping a clean, parasite-free house that is safe for both your family and your pets. For persistent flea infestation cases, you might want to consider contacting pest control professionals to get rid of these pests for you. Even if you have to spend hundreds of dollars, at least your house will be free of fleas in the end.