Effective Use of a Security Sliding Door

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A sliding security door is a good way to enter and exit the house. The problem is that is generally isn’t as secure as most people think. That’s due to not being able to use some of the same security devices that help protect traditional doors. Knowing how to use a sliding security door will help protect your house and your family.

Step 1 - Lock

It’s difficult to find a good secure lock for a sliding security door. The nature of the door is that the lock becomes a weak point that can easily be forced. There are many different types of locks available for a sliding glass door, but none of them can offer perfect security. Buy the best you can, but you shouldn’t solely rely on that for protection.

Step 2 - Security Bar

The simplest approach to securing a sliding glass door is putting in a bar that will prevent it being forced open. You can buy different styles of security bars that fit into the sliding glass door and act as an extra lock. These vary greatly in price and some will force the slider into the closed position so that there’s no give in it at all. This is the ultimate security and it really needs to be done this way. A potential thief should not be able to force a pry bar between the security sliding door and the frame.

Rather than buying a bar you can make your own with a piece of lumber that’s two inches by four inches or even a broom handle. Cut it to the correct size and put into the door frame when you lock the door at night.

Step 3 - Security Pin

Once problem with a security sliding door is that it can be lifted off the track and simply removed, giving thieves entry to your house. You need to be able to make sure this doesn’t happen, and this is where a security pin becomes useful. It’s one of several anti-life devices on the market. These extend from the top of the door into the frame (you can also use a screw for this). This means the door can’t be raised enough to be pushed off the track.

In order to fix a security pin in place you’ll need to take the security pin in place you’ll have to take the security sliding door off the track and install it. This can be a process of trial and error until you have the pin or screw at the correct height.

Step 4 - Glass

The glass of your security glass door can be vulnerable. Replacing it with reinforced glass, tempered glass, or even glass that’s reinforced with wire will strengthen it and make the door far more secure. This is quite a big job, but the added sense of security makes it worth the time and the expense of performing it.