How to Escape Through an Egress Window

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An egress window is a basement window that can be used as a fire escape if needed. The window is usually beneath the ground level and is only exposed by a tunnel that reaches towards the edge of the house. In case of an emergency, parents and children should know how to escape through an egress window.

Step 1 - Remove the Screen

Start by removing the screen to the window.

Step 2 - Open Window and Climb Out

Now that the screen has been removed, you can open the window and climb out.

Step 3 - Open the Second Window Set

Open the second window set if your egress window has one.

Step 4 - Exit via the Egress Window

Leave the house.

An egress window may have a number of unique features. For example, some models come with a security code so that burglars can't use the window to get in. In the case of an egress window that has a long tunnel, a ladder may be installed to help you get out.