8 Easy to Grow Indoor House Plants

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Indoor house plants not only provide restful niches of greenery, but they also alter the air in the house, improving its quality. Even if you are not blessed with the proverbial green thumb, you can still grow some types of house plants that can withstand some abuse, like forgetting to water them, without too much damage being done.

1. Aloe Vera

The aloe is well known for its thick succulent leaves which when broken, release a gel that works wonders with burns and insect bites. It thrives best in bright light and can go for about three weeks without any watering. It flourishes well in all kinds of soil and tends to grow very big; sections of it may then be transplanted to another pot.

2. Christmas Cactus

This type of cactus has no thorns or other prickly elements. Just like the aloe it can go for two to three weeks without watering and flourishes best in moderate to bright light.

3. Wax Plant

This is a climber and makes a good hanging basket plant if supported with a trellis to climb on. It thrives best in temperatures of around 50 to 70 degree Fahrenheit, medium humidity, full sunlight, and a good soil that drains well. The soil has to be drenched and then barely moist when watered again. Wax plants are poisonous if ingested so keep away from small children.

4. Snake Plant

Popularly known as Mother-in-Law’s tongue, this plant requires low to moderate amounts of water, and medium sunlight. It will thrive even if isn't watered for months on end.

5. Spider Plant

Like the snake plant, this plant will survive and thrive anywhere and any way, but it prefers to have not too much water and a minimum amount of sunlight. It is also a prolific plant, producing endless offshoots that can be repotted to grow into adult spider plants.

6. Peace Lily

The peace lily is another no problem plant, that will droop when it needs to be watered, so you can’t really go wrong. It only needs low to moderate sunlight.

7. Bamboo

This is a plant that you can grow in water if you don’t like messing around with soil. It only needs, occasional refreshing of the water in the bowl in which it is housed, which will be preferably made of glass. There are many varieties and all require little sunlight because they will grow even in artificial light.

8. Wandering Jew

This is a plant that can be grown in moist soil or water—it's of a purple color and very popular.

There are endless other plants that are easy to grow in the house, and you can find hundreds of pictures and descriptions on the Internet. If you want to become more deeply informed, check out the many specialized books on house plants. Pick the plants you would most enjoy caring for and living with and watch them flourish.