8 Gift Ideas for your Handyman

You'd think it would be easy to figure out what to get a home handyman for Christmas but the reality is usually very different. Handymen usually have most of the tools they want (or if they don't they'll just go and buy it for themselves). Plus, handymen are usually quite picky about their tools, so buying them a regular tool often means a second trip to exchange or return it. Sure you could go for a gift card and let them pick out something themselves, but wouldn't it be more fun to buy them something they might actually use and probably don't have in their tool box now? Here's eight unique gift ideas for your home handyman (and here's some good news – none of them will cost and arm and a leg.

Unique Handyman Gift Ideas

  • Screw Extractor - If your handyman has ever had a screw head break below the surface he'll love a screw extractor. It's a simple tool that looks like a two headed bit with a drill on one end and a screw driver bit on the other. It works by first drilling a hole in the top of the broken screw (the screw extractor has a reverse thread), then turn the screw extractor over an insert in into the drill with the screw driver head out. Using the drill and turning the broken screw clockwise causes the screw to be turned counter clockwise and the screw backs right out of the hole.
  • Angle driver - a drill attachment that converts the straight ahead drive motion of a power drill into a right angled driver. Handy for installing or removing screws in tight spaces.
  • Power drill holster - Ever been on top of a ladder using a power drill? After drilling a hole, where do you put the drill? If your handyman has a drill holster, he slides the drill into the holster just like Wyatt Earp holstering his pistol.
  • Magnetic wrist nail and screw holder – Your handyman will never need to walk around with a mouthful of nails or screws. A magnetic wrist screw holder fits around any size wrist, fastens with Velcro and holds nails and screws within easy reach. Particularly good for working on a ladder, but a great idea anywhere.
  • Drill adapter and bit set - If your handyman only has one drill it's a real pain to constantly switch back and forth between drilling then driving screws. A drill adapter installs in the drill's chuck and uses a sliding mechanism to hold different types of bits. After drilling a hole, simply pull back the slide mechanism to release the drill and insert the screw driver bit. Now changing bits back and forth only takes a few seconds.
  • Multitip screwdriver – Most handymen will already have numerous screwdrivers in their tool boxes, but sometimes it can be very handy to have a small multitip screwdriver in a kitchen drawer so he doesn't need to go and get his tool box to tighten a cabinet pull.
  • Magnetic tool bar for his work bench - A great way to keep his tools up off the work bench, where they're in plain sight and easy to reach. No need to install peg board, a bunch of nails or special tool hangers for his tools.
  • Hearing protectors – Everyone knows to wear eye protection when working with tools, but very few people think about the danger to their hearing from the sound of high speed power tools. Hearing protectors may not be the sexiest gift, but they certainly are one of the more practical things you could get your handyman.
    So there you have them, eight unique gifts for your home handyman. Tools he will probably never ask for, but will almost certainly use.