8 Qualities to Look for in a Shower Curtain Liner

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What You'll Need
Shower curtain liner
What You'll Need
Shower curtain liner

No matter what kind of shower curtain liner you use, here are 8 qualities to consider before selecting the perfect liner for your bathroom.

    Bioguard or Mold and Mildew Resistant

    Most liners manufactured today are automatically treated with a chemical making them mold and mildew resistant. Look for this information on the package wrapper. It will say "mold and mildew resistant," "treated with Bioguard," or both.

    Ecopreme Vinyl

    Ecopreme is a non-toxic vinyl made from EVA vinyl. More and more retailers carry this kind of vinyl curtain. Look or ask for it or for PEVA, polyethylene vinyl acetate. Studies in 2008 showed that toxic gases released from non-PEVA or non-EVA vinyl are hazardous to your health.

    Double-reinforced Holes for Shower Rings

    Liners come in a variety of weights. Less expensive shower curtain liners may tear at the ring hole. Check the holes to ensure they are sturdy enough for repeated use.

    Billow Proof

    Many vinyl liners come with magnets or weights sewn into the bottom of the curtain to keep them from billowing and clinging to your body when you're showering.

    Length and Width

    Shower liners come in different lengths and widths to fit shower stalls, tubs, and circular tubs. You can buy 2 curtains if you need to but measure your shower vertically and horizontally to make sure you get the right fit.


    While vinyl liners come in a variety of colors, not all of them will be an exact match for your decor. If you can't find the right color, consider black, white, or a transparent liner.


    Not all liners are smooth. Consider whether or not you want to add texture to your decor. Some liners are embossed with designs or geometric shapes. It's a personal choice, but you should consider it.


    Liner transparency can be important if you want privacy.

    You may see the term "hotel-style curtain," when looking at shower curtain liners. It simply means a shower curtain liner that is clean, simple, and weighted at the bottom. They are elegant enough to be used as a liner.

      Whatever your beliefs about "green" products, when it comes to picking an environmentally friendly liner, you need to consider your health as well. In 2008, studies linked vinyl and plastic shower curtains to serious health problems. That "new vinyl shower curtain" smell comes from the release of phthalates. Phthalates are the chemical substances manufacturers use to make plastics soft and flexible. While that's a great quality for a shower curtain, it's not so good for your liver, central nervous system, respiratory, and reproductive systems.

      There are alternatives. A new 100% chlorine-free vinyl called "Ecopreme" is made without chlorine from EVA vinyl. These curtains are nontoxic, soft, and flexible. Look for PEVA, which stands for "Polyethylene Vinyl Acetate." PEVA is another vinyl product that is not associated with any health problems. It doesn't contain toxins.