Eight Steps to Take when an Apple Tree Doesn't Blossom

What You'll Need
Pruning shears
Organic spray

Apple tree blossoms are a sight to see, and if no blossoms come forth on your apple tree it may be for many various reasons; they could be an indication of some trouble somewhere or it may be just in the nature of things that blossoming is delayed.

1. What Kind of Tree?

Is your tree of the self pollination species or does it require another tree nearby for pollination and blooming? Discuss this with your tree provider before buying so you will know if you require to plant more than one apple tree or not; if lack of space is a problem then it is only common sense to get a self pollinating apple tree otherwise your tree will never bloom or bear fruit.

2. Soil

Check your soil and see that it is not tightly packed around the roots as this restricts them, thus preventing the tree from getting the nourishment it needs. Gently rake around the soil and try to loosen any extra soil from the root ball without disturbing the new roots. Apple trees need quick draining soil so it is best to add compost and grit to your soil for easy draining.

3. Light

If your tree is in shade it is in trouble; dig it up and move it to a sunnier place as fruit trees only thrive on plenty of sunlight. If another tree is casting its shadow on the apple tree, prune that tree so that the required amount of sunlight reaches your apple tree too.

4. Watering

If there had been no rain for some days a young apple tree will require about an inch of water per week; water generously after planting, so that the newly planted roots get adequate moisture and nourishment.

5. How Old Is The Tree?

Some apple trees take between 2 to 5 years before blooming; some are more affluent than others and bloom earlier while others take more time; so there may not be anything wrong with the tree, it is just fulfilling its nature.

6. Sleeping Beauty

A tree that always bloomed in its expected time may go dormant for a year or so, maybe gathering up its energy for the seasons to come.

7. Pruning

Like all trees an apple tree requires pruning and this could be the reason that your apple tree does not bloom after this operation. Pruning keeps a tree healthy, removing all unwanted shoots that come out from the base and the limbs and directing all the energy where it is required; however after this “surgery” the tree will require rest and will skip blooming for a year or two. Remember, after pruning to seal all open wood to prevent disease.

8. Keep the Garden Clean

To avoid apple tree diseases, like mildew and apple mosaic virus, which could interfere with blooming, the garden has to be kept thoroughly clean of dead leaves and rotting fruit, and pruning and organic spraying done regularly.

Some of the troubleshooting problems cited above can be avoided if care is taken before planting and before buying; if none of them fits your bill get professional help. It always helps to get expert advice especially if you are new to gardening or planting trees; all living things need all the help they can get if they are to thrive and blossom.