Electric Efficiency in Washers and Dryers

Washing machine with laundry in baskets

Are you looking to capture additional electric efficiency with some of your household appliances? If you are currently trying to figure out how to be much more energy conscious with your washer and dryer, without having to go out and buy an expensive high energy efficient set of appliances, there are several different things you can do to accomplish this. At the end of the day you will save money and you will use less electricity.

1. Only Wash and Dry Full Loads

Some people try and wash clothing every day, but if you are a household of one or if you are trying to support your family's lifestyle, washing and drying your clothes every day is not energy efficient. In fact, it is much better to wash and dry a full load of clothing rather than a half load, a quarter load or a couple articles of clothing.

2. Clean the Lint Trap

Every clothing dryer has a lint trap. It should be cleaned regularly from lint. Lint accumulates over time inside the trap. As lint accumulates, the dryer works harder and expends extra energy to dry your clothing. Remember to remove the excess lint on your lint trap after every use of your clothing dryer.

3. Air Dry Clothing

clothes on a clothesline

Invest in a clothing line and air dry your clothes. Spend less on drying your clothes using your clothing dryer and spend more time hanging your clothing on the line and giving them a fresh air feeling. By just replacing one or two loads from drying in the dryer to instead using a clothing line, you will save a great deal of money and become much more energy efficient.

4. Use Proper Size Load Settings

If you must wash or dry a load of clothing that is not quite a fully large load, make sure you reset the settings appropriately. You will use less water and less energy by setting your washer and dryer appropriately.

5. Reduce the Heat Setting

clothes dryer

On your dryer, reduce the amount of heat you use during a drying cycle. Instead of drying at super high heat, reduce the setting to use a lower heat setting. This will save a great deal of energy and you will find your clothing will tumble dry at approximately the same amount of time as it did before you altered the heat setting options.

Similarly, on your clothing washer, change the heat setting (warm water, hot water, cold water) appropriately. Not everything needs to be cleaned in hot water. You can use warm and cold water settings for most of your washing needs. Making this a consistent habit, you will save a great deal of energy and become much more conscious about the efficiency of your washer and dryer.

6. Purchase High Energy Efficient Washer and Dryer Sets

If you are in need of a new washer and dryer, purchase a set that is great for the energy conscious individual. Focus on reading the energy star ratings and review how much money and energy you will save over the course of using the washer and dryer pair.