Electric Needle Gun vs Pneumatic Needle Gun

A needle gun, or as it is also called a needle-gun scaler, is a very useful tool to have around the house. More often than not, it is used to all of your projects that involve some sort of metalwork. This can range from all your around the house repairs and even stretching to the work that needs to be done on your motor vehicles. In essence these types of tools are used to remove the rust and old paint that may be still sitting on any metal surfaces. Now while there are numerous needle guns to choose from, you will find that there are two types that you should consider: electric and pneumatic. 

Electric Needle Guns

The basic function of a needle gun is to remove paint and rust. Electric needle guns come with a set of incredibly fine needles. The tool itself uses an electrical current to rotate these needles at varying speeds against the metallic surface to slowly chip away at the numerous layers of paint or rust that are present. Using electric needle guns are beneficial in that it makes it easier for you to do work that is around the house itself. By using a battery-operated gun, you can travel around the home quickly and more efficiently, getting into all the tiny nooks and crannies that you find. A downfall to using an electric gun is that eventually your batteries are going to run out. A second downfall to using electric needle guns is that you cannot run the tool for a continuous period of time. Because these guns are electric, they are made of up numerous pieces. This quickly causes over heating and easily malfunctions when a single piece of it breaks. The final downfall to using electrical needle guns is that the overall cost is going to be much more expensive in the long run. You will find that you have to constantly replace pieces with the guns and that there is going to cost you much more money at the end of the day than buying a pneumatic gun.

Pneumatic Needle Guns

Needle guns are the best choice when it comes to removing rust and paint because they are able to quickly adjust to objects that are misshapen or irregular. Needle guns can strip and area clean in a matter of seconds. More often than not, you are going to find your needle guns in their pneumatic form. This refers to the fact that they are powered by compressed air. These units used compressed air to force a piston to move backwards and forwards. It is due to this that the needles will work against your metal surfaces. These types of guns are used for garage work. This is the type of gun you are going to want to purchase when you are doing work on your cars. You are going to have to buy an air compressor in order to make sure that the gun functions properly. One benefit of this method is you are going to have a constant source of power and you won’t run the risk of having your tools die on you while you are working. Pneumatic needle guns offer you the opportunity to easily change the torque limitations without running into any issues. Another benefit to using pneumatic needle guns is that they are very reliable in their durability.