Electric Patio Heater Problems: Troubleshooting Tips

Are you facing problems with your electric patio heater? Patio heater parts can experience several complications because of constant use. Follow some simple troubleshooting tips to fix the common outdoor patio heater problems on your own.

Plug-in Problem

Many times the inability of the patio heater to function smoothly is related to trivial problems. The unit will not operate if the power cord is loose. A loose wiring connection might also cause this. Contact an electrician if this is the case. Ensure that the wiring connection is firm before switching on the heater. Plug the cord back into the grounded outlet and start the device.

Blown Fuse

A patio heater will not function if the fuse is blown. This is generally indicated with an ignited signal. Replace the blown fuse with a new one in this case.

Reset Button

The heater will not turn on if the reset button is not activated. Press the reset button to fix this problem.

Heating Element

The machine will not work if the heating element is damaged. Replace the heating element, if the heating element is worn out. If there is no physical damage, switch off the power and check the connections of the element. You should also check the element resistance. It should be around 10 ohms. Replace the element if it still fails to function properly. Switch off the heater when the element glows constantly.

Several patio heating problems are associated with a faulty installation procedure.

Follow these installation tips to avoid this problem:

  • Select an appropriate location for installation
  • Do not place the electrical cord above the heater
  • Remove obstacles away from the patio heater
  • Install the electric patio heater away from combustible articles
  • Ensure that the electric supply is adequate for the heater
  • Connect the heater to the ground circuit
  • Maintain a distance of 48 inches between the heater and the surface
  • Do not use an extension cord

Follow these important installation and preventive steps to avert problems with your electric heater:

  • Install the heater according to the specified electrical codes
  • Replace burned out elements instead of trying to repair them
  • Install the heater in a safe location away from obstacles
  • Do not insert any object in the ventilation opening

Maintenance of Electric Patio Heater

Regular maintenance will help you to avoid any severe problems with your electric heater. Wash the heater regularly with a non-abrasive detergent. Use a soft cloth to clean the heater. Use an air hose to clean off dust from the surface of the heater. Dust and other particles will hinder the functioning of the patio heater. Clear the ventilating holes with the air-hose pipe. Store the heater in a dust-free place when not in use. Check if the heater lens is physically bent or damaged. Use pliers to bring the lens back in shape. Replace the lens if it is beyond repair.