Electric Wall Fireplace Installation

An electric fireplace.
  • 2 hours
  • Beginner
  • 300-600
What You'll Need
Fireplace unit
What You'll Need
Fireplace unit

In keeping with the electric wall fireplace mantra of convenience, installing one is a breeze. You don’t need any particularly complicated tools or woodworking knowledge.

Step 1 - Purchase the Unit

There are several varieties of electric wall fireplaces, from classic to modern. Choose the style that best fits your home, or the one at the price you can best afford.

Determine whether you want a strictly electric model, or if you’d like a combination electric and gel fuel model for the look of a flame. Electric-only models usually recreate the look of a flame with glowing heat elements, light bulbs, and fans.

Step 2 - Choose a Location

The main consideration in choosing a location for the wall fireplace is that there must be an electric plug behind the area where you plan to install it. Most wall mounted electric fireplaces simply plug into the wall.

Also consider where you would like the ambiance of a fire during the winter, and where you need extra heat. Most wall fireplaces can produce heat.

Step 3 - Install Bolts or Screws

Follow the manufacturer’s directions to install the surround for the fire. It juts out from the wall and gives the illusion of a firebox that is inserted into the wall, but for most models, the firebox is simply recessed into the surround, and no cutting or wiring is necessary.

Step 4 - Complete Installation

Follow the instructions with the unit to hang the surround and insert the firebox. Add the finishing touches and enjoy your new fire.