Electric Water Heater Wiring

What You'll Need
Voltage Tester
Wire Stripper
Wire Connector
Electrical Tape
Electrical Wire 10-2 NM Cable
2 Pole 30-amps Breaker

If you have a water heater in your home, chances are that you will need to the basics of water heater wiring. Several water heaters for homes are normally powered by 240 volt power supply. Working with electricity is not to be feared, if you can follow all safety precautions you will not have any problem. When it comes to doing the wiring for your water heater, you can do the job yourself. With this set of instructions and the necessary tools, you will be able to successfully do the job. Why call an electrician when you can safely do the job by following instructions.

Step 1 - Switch off the Power Supply

The first step in wiring your water heater is to turn off the power supply at the mains. Never try to do the wiring for any project with the power supply turned on. You need to also turn off the water supply.

Step 2 – Locate the Junction Box

You will need to locate the junction box on the water heater. This exact place could be different on each water heater, depending on the model of the water heater. Once you find it, open the cover by removing the screws, you will find a ground screw and two wires.

Step 3 – Strip the Wires

Use the pliers to take out the knockout on the box. Use the wire stripper to strip the plastic about 6 inches of the NM cable so that the wire is exposed. Do this for all the wires in the NM cable.

Step 4 – Fishing the Wires

Now fish all the wires through the wire connector and tighten the screw, the clamp should be on the sheathed area of the cable and not on the exposed portion of the wires. Pass the wires all the way through the knockout and attach the wire connector to the junction box with the lock nut.

Step 5 – Connecting the Wires

Fix the ground wire to the ground terminal and secure it tightly in place. Take one of the wires on the water heater and connect it to the black wire from the circuit, use a wire connector and wrap electrical tape around the wires. Connect the other wire from the water heater to the white wire; the white wire is the hot wire. There is no neutral wire in the water heater since it is 240v unit.

Step 6 – Replace & Check

Replace the cover for the junction box and screw it in place. Turn on the power supply and the water supply. Allow the water heater tank to fill up and once it is filled, turn on the circuit breaker to check your water heater. Open a faucet and check if hot water flows out of it. That is all you need to do to wire your water heater.