Eleven Reasons to Purchase a Shadow Box

A shadow box can not only serve as a special place for you to keep family memories and special memorabilia, but so much more.

What it Is

A shadow box is essentially a framed box that usually has a number of shelves built inside of it. Depending on its size, a shadow box can hold many items for display. It also has either a glass or Plexiglas cover that can be removed for cleaning. Shadow boxes come in a variety of sizes from large to small. Some shadow boxes can be purchased already painted, while others are available in natural wood and can be decorated as you wish.

Where to Put Them

Shadow boxes can be hung on a wall, placed over a bed, above a fireplace mantel or even displayed on a table, or anywhere you wish to exhibit it.

Here are 11 reasons to purchase a shadow box.

Reason #1: Children’s Items

If you have saved any items from your child’s early years such as baby booties, shoes, a lock of hair, a first tooth and more, a shadow box can hold all of these keepsakes in one special place.

Reason #2: Wedding Items

Besides a slice of the wedding cake, a shadow box can house the bride's dried wedding bouquet and groom's boutonniere, table favors, wedding glasses, plates and whatever you kept from your own special day.

Reason #3: Doll Collections

Some people use shadow boxes to display and keep their doll collections in such as Barbie, to keep the dolls safe from fading and gathering dust.

Reason#4: Baseball Memorabilia

People who have baseball card collections like to use shadow boxes to display their collections and often hang them on a wall to be seen.

Reason #5: Trophies and Awards

Keeping trophies, medals, ribbons and other awards in a place like a shadow box keeps everything together and displays the collection nicely.

Reason #6: Military Items

Some who have served in the military like to use shadow boxes to display their various keepsakes from the time that they served in the military. Most of the time, these boxes are not opened so items like Purple Hearts are not likely to get damaged.

Reason #7: Stamps and Coins

For those who collect stamps and/or coins, a shadow box can hold everything in place and keep coins from tarnishing and stamps from yellowing.

Reason #8: Thimble Collections

Avid sewers are known to display and keep thimble collections stored in a shadow box for safe keeping.

Reason #9: Jewelry Shop

Displaying costume jewelry or jewelry with a special memory inside of a shadow box and hung on a bedroom wall can make for a unique conversation piece.

Reason #10: Colorful Insects

Insect collectors or butterfly collectors can use shadow boxes to show off their beautiful and exotic collections in their own bedrooms for friends to view.

Reason #11: Family Heirlooms

If you have a special family heirloom like your mother’s Fine China gravy bowl, or her Lladró  stature or you great grandmother’s crystal candy dish, a shadow box can serve as a place to protect and display them. Be sure the box is constructed well to hold heavy, as well as delicate items before hanging,