Elmers Spray Adhesive

Versatile, fast-acting and easily applied, Elmer's spray adhesive is available in 2 basic varieties: multipurpose and extra strength. Spray adhesives from Elmer's work well with a wide range of lightweight materials including paper, foam, fabrics and cardboard. Coming in a convenient aerosol can, Elmer's spray adhesives apply quickly and begin to form an immediate tack. Elmer's spray adhesives are comprised of a mixture of synthetic polymers and solvents to keep the adhesive liquid. It applies and dries transparent and will not stain surfaces. 


Elmer's multipurpose spray adhesive is photo safe and is engineered to mount lightweight items to many different materials including wood, metal, canvas, certain plastics and others. Although the tack begins to form immediately, Elmer's multipurpose adhesive allows for repositioning. It also has a low soak-in rate, so most of the adhesive stays on the surface of the materials being joined, even on highly-porous items like foam rubber. 


Both Elmer's multipurpose and extra-strength spray adhesives are formulated to adhere to paper, cardboard, foam core, all manner of fabrics, cork, films, felt, many types of foam and leather. The bond may be strengthened by applying a double coat onto both surfaces and allowing it to tack up before making the bond.