Embracing Orange in the Kitchen

Kitchen decors vary greatly and there are a wide selection of themes to choose from. For the savvy homeowner who likes to follow trends, a look to the citrus fruit color palette is worth exploring. Embracing orange in the kitchen is a great way to add spice and energy to the space. The decorating ideas are endless and the essence of vibrant life and excitement will be clearly seen.

Accenting with Orange

Orange is a bold, vibrant color. It has warmth and mystery and draws the eye's attention. When accenting with orange color in the kitchen, choose pieces and spaces where you want to draw attention. A cookie jar in bright orange will immediately draw the eye to the counter and away from a sink that may be filled with dishes. An orange towel hanging from the oven door will pull the focus to the stove and the things that are cooking. A vase with a single orange Gerber daisy will add whimsy and femininity to a kitchen shelf that may otherwise be overlooked. Vary the placement of the color throughout the room, so that eye is drawn throughout the space. The room will appear larger by doing this, as opposed to, having only one focal point.

Kitchen Fabrics

Kitchen curtains are a great place to bring orange into the room. Orange stripes or a multi-striped curtain with a heavy emphasis on the orange will lengthen the room's windows and accent the space nicely. Since orange is such a bold, powerful color on its own, choose patterns that create the mood being sought. For instance, if a more feminine feel is desired, choose a curtain pattern with delicate orange flowers instead of bold, tropical looking buds. Orange will create a vivid impact on its own, so it is not necessary to punctuate it with rowdy prints.


If the kitchen is being remodeled or is newly built, consider adding orange accent tiles to the backsplash. Many kitchen backsplashes are made of small tiles that are individually placed. White tiles would be nicely accented with square orange tiles at the corners. Try semi-transparent orange glass tiles for a truly unique and vibrant backsplash look in the kitchen. Since many large home improvement stores do not carry a wide selection of orange tiles, it may be necessary to custom order them directly from the manufacturer online.

Whether adding orange in the spoon rest next to the coffee pot or in a small bowl filled with navel oranges, the effect of adding orange to the kitchen space will be stunning and highly attractive. Use caution with too much orange color, as it can be overpowering and cast a 1970s glow if used in excess. Trust your instincts about where to add punches of orange to enhance the overall look and feel of the room. Hanging orange glass pendant lights will have as much of a visual impact as a trio of orange pillar candles sitting on the kitchen's counter, but the cost will be much higher. Stick to a budget and look for creative ways to draw the bold, vibrant and life-filled color of orange into the kitchen space.