Energy Savings from Window Light Shelves

Using a window light shelf is one of the best ways to enhance your home and complete energy saving upgrades. Light shelves are a piece of architecture which can be fitted inside a room. They are normally made from aluminum, or another reflective material. The purpose of these light shelves is to capture light from your room and distribute it up, towards the ceiling. This in turn helps reduce energy costs because it makes your whole room much brighter.

Energy Savings

Light shelves make the lighting in your room much more efficient and as a result you don't need to worry about using as much electricity for lighting. A light shelf is a popular energy saving device which has real results. A light shelf is proved to reduce the amount of electricity needed during daylight hours to light a room. At night, the shelves do not help and artificial lighting will be required.


Windows collect a huge amount of light and are capable of lighting your room during the day. However, when this light is focused and concentrated on a TV screen or monitor it can become a nuisance. This causes some people to shut the curtains and switch on the lights which is not environmentally friendly and can be expensive.

Most of the light coming through your window is wasted light because of shutters and curtains. Using a light shelf helps increase efficiency and captures all of the light coming through the window, and then properly distributes it throughout a room.


Light shelves should not be used everywhere. They are typically used in countries with a mild to medium climate. If the sun is too hot, the shelves will also heat up a room. In tropical climates, only small windows are used so that the heat is minimized. Modern light shelves can also be painted with less reflective surfaces so they only increase the temperature of a room by a few degrees.

Fitting Light Shelves

When fitting light shelves they can either be installed internally or externally. They are designed to look attractive and will complement the decor of any house. They are fitted to the top of windows to redirect the top portion of light. Below the light shelf you will install blinds to make it easier to control the amount of light entering a room. Louver blinds allow the light to be directed so that it doesn't cause a problem.

The blinds and shelves come in many different shapes, sizes and colors. You can use a hardwood finish, a white laminate finish or finish them yourself. Customization is a common approach because many times we have a certain look in mind.