English Antique Furniture for the Living room

English Antique furniture is becoming increasingly more common to certain parts of the country. New England, especially, has an affinity with English antiques but it is not limited to the New England area. There are many styles of English furniture, ranging from Mediaeval through to Victorian, which leaves an array of choices depending on your chosen style and preference.

Mediaeval and Later

Usually from the middle ages, this furniture was largely influenced by the reign of King Henry VIII and later, Queen Mary or Queen Elizabeth I. These are defined in style by the grandiose heavy wooden thrones and carvings on the furniture. They were part of the Tudor period and this was followed by the Stuart Period, which can largely be defined by the incorporation of cabriole style legs and a sleek warm use of woods like walnut and oak. Stuart period furniture was greatly influenced with a female style, as with the cabriole legs, being curvy and thin.

Georgian and Victorian

Skipping a few generations ahead to the later 18th and early 19th centuries will find you in the Georgian and Victorian style of furniture and architecture. To create this look in your home you would need to find furniture which has far more opulent appearance. Still in keeping with the gentile feminine approach to furniture design, it was full of elegant carvings and the feet of such furniture could be identified largely by the lions paws on the feet of the pieces. To adopt an English antique furniture style in your home you would also need to create a room which is in decorative keeping with the style of the period.