Enhanced Home Design with Curved Wall Framing

You can easily enhance your home design with curved wall framing. Curved wall framing is basically building a curved wall or archway. You can create a dramatic entry way or even a wavy wall in your children’s bedroom. The possibilities are endless.

Old Way

The old way of creating curved wall framing was labor intensive and expensive. Carpenters would make a curved frame one of two ways. They would either take small pieces from 2x4s or some other wooden plank and then piece them together in a curve. This required a lot of sawing and trial and error. The second way was to take a large thick piece of plywood and make a template. They would use a marker and draw out the desired curve then use a saw to cut out one for the top of the frame and one for the bottom. If the plywood was not thick enough, two or more plywood templates were cut out and glued together to make one solid piece.

New Way

Today there are several different framing products out there. Most are made from metal plates that can flex and wind like a snake. This saves time, money, and make the wall easier to construct.