Enhancing Your Outdoor Playhouse With These Tips

Customize your children's outdoor playhouse to create an even more functional and imaginative space for play.

Playhouse Kits And Prefabricated Playhouses

Manufactured playhouses, whether completely prefabricated or a kit that needs assembly, don’t allow for much enhancement once completed. However, many stores offer a wide variety of pre-designed playhouse plans, like a firehouse design for the boys or a Victorian style for girls. Some companies also allow offer various painted wall designs, floor plans and special features.

Do-It-Yourself Enhancements

If you have a wooden kit or a structure you build yourself, there are many enhancements you can make. Small additions include shelves and cupboards inside, shutters on the windows or even a window box for planting flowers. For a larger enhancement, you could add a second story, either closed in or left open as a look-out point. With that second story access—or with a playhouse you’ve raised on stilts—you can also install a slide, monkey bars or a full swing set. 

Of course, you may just want to paint or stain the wood. When painting, you can vary the colors on the sides, roof, indoor walls, door and trip to create a unique look or theme, whether its pink walls with white trim and shutters or a camouflage pattern in green, brown and black.

Fun Add-ons

No matter the style or design of your playhouse, there are always ways to customize it. Consider the many small-scale furnishings designed for kids, from tables and chairs to toy chests and curtains.

Decorations are always a wonderful touch. Put up wallpaper or curtains on the inside, or let your kids display their own drawings and artwork on the walls.


Landscaping around the playhouse can do wonders for your kids’ imaginations. Add a moat for a playhouse castle or short trees around a tropical cabana. A white picket fence and small shrubs will enhance the fun of "playing house," and adding a small concrete walkway outside gives them their own space for chalk drawings, jumprope or sidewalk games.

High-End Additions

Consider having an electrician run power out to the playhouse. This will allow kids to enjoy their retreat later into the night, with lights inside or on the porch.

You may also include plumbing in the structure. Not only will this enhance a small scale kitchen, but it will give kids a place to clean dirty hands before they come back inside.