Entry Door Painting Tips

The entry door, frames, windows and cupboards are normally made of wood or metal, which need to be painted in a particular manner. Below there are few painting tips, which are advised to be kept in mind when painting. They are:

Tip One: Remove doorknobs

Always make sure to remove the doorknobs, and the locks while painting the wall.

Tip Two: Frame and Hinges

Secondly, paint the frame of the door and on the hinges of the door also. Paint the inner hinge of the door in only one direction. You can apply the paint with the help of a roller and a brush. The hinges can be cleaned with the help of alcohol. You can cover the hinges of the door with rubber cement to prevent the painting and it can be peeled off after the full painting of the door is completed.

Tip Three: Protecting the Floor

While painting the entry door, make sure to put some cardboard under the door to protect the floor from the paint.

Tip Four: Second Coating

Once the paint is dried, you can also apply a second coating of paint gently on the door. Ensure, using a four-inch foam roller and a brush to keep paint steady. Replace the door fixtures only after the paint has dried.