Entry Door Window Treatment Options

Entry door window treatments offer a chance to exhibit the attractiveness of your home entry way. If your entry door has sidelight windows you can dress them to look highly decorative. There are a few suggestions you can think about when deciding which idea to opt for.


Blinds are a great way to dress your sidelights. They add decorative impact and blinds can be made to six inch widths to fit the standard size sidelight windows. The blinds can be wooden, PVC, or fabric.


Sheer net curtains are also attractive window features, although, they are less functional at night when the lights in the house come on. They lack the privacy aspect of drape curtains, but you could also opt for both. The drapes can be closed in the evenings.


Decorative inserts are another popular choice for ornamental window dressing. Some of the choices are artistic glass, PVC, stained glass, wrought iron and iron artwork. They are mixture of glass and iron or copper and they decorate the glass with elaborate patterns for maximum optical impact. You can opt for real glass or glass transfers that have the appearance of stained glass. These can be custom designed or off-the-peg purchases.