Entry Gate Systems: 4 Entry Options

Entry gate systems add security and beauty to your home. Your choice should have as much to do with the style of your fencing and home as it does with your need for security. The amount of maintenance you can provide will also have a bearing on the type of system you choose. The basic choices are between sliding or swinging gates, and also whether they are automated or manual.

1 – Manual Swing Driveway Gates

Manual swing driveway gates are the easiest gates to install and the easiest to maintain. The biggest consideration with swinging gates is clearance for the path of the gate. If you have uneven or sloping ground, swinging gates may hit the ground at some point and not open properly.

2 – Automated Swing Driveway Gates

These require the same level ground and lack of obstructions, but also require electrical wiring and a controller that tells the gates when to open. There can be a remote controller as well as a sensor that tells gates to open. If the gates are purely ornamental, then a sensor can be rigged to open the gates automatically when a car approaches.

3 – Manual Sliding Driveway Gates

These sliding entry gate systems also require level ground, but the ground behind the gate doesn't matter. Instead, the ground across the width of the driveway under the gate and the width of the gate on each side must be level.

4 – Automated Sliding Driveway Gates

These are electric gates that slide open just as the manual gates do. The biggest drawback of the sliding gate is the track that allows the gates to slide. The track that the gates fit in can become clogged with debris and cause problems. It's necessary to regularly clean the track to ensure smooth operation, both with manual and automatic sliding entry gate systems. To keep sliding gates running properly, special brushes can be purchased and fitted to the gates that sweep the track each time they open and close.

Alarms and Sensors

A driveway alarm, also called driveway sensor, can be added to any type of entry gate systems, whether manual, automatic, swinging or sliding. There are 3 basic types of driveway alarm:

  1. Magnetic sensor— this detects vehicles because it's activated by moving metal.
  2. Infrared driveway alarm— this sensor detects all movement, including animals and people. 
  3. Rubber air hose— this will alert you to vehicles that drive over the hose.

Driveway alarms are the perfect last addition to secure entry gate systems.