Enzyme Carpet Cleaner: How It Works and When to Use It.

beige carpet being cleaned

An enzyme carpet cleaner would mainly be used for the purpose of removing unwanted stains and odors from your carpet, which are created by animal urine.

Odors and Stains

If you ever had cat pee in your carpet, you will recognize how difficult it is to clean out. This is more so when the cat has sprayed its territory rather than just urinating. Owing to the fact that cats don’t drink a great deal, this makes their urine particularly strong and odorous. Even when you think you have eliminated the dreadful smell, as soon as the weather warms up the smell can return just as ‘fresh’ as it was when it was first done. This is where enzyme cleaners come in.

What are Enzymes?

You will no doubt have heard of body Enzymes. Enzymes are present in every living creature. They are capable of performing essential functions like the conversion of food into energy. They also create new cells in the body. Enzymes act as catalysts to speed up the natural processes by which without them would be slower.

How Do Enzymes Work?

Enzymes main job is to bind themselves to a target in much the same way that antibodies do so. The enzyme doesn’t get consumed in any reactions, it will weaken to a degree and lose activity eventually and will be replenished. In the human body, there are various enzymes which help with cellulose, fats, carbohydrates, proteins and such. Enzyme cleaners work by latching themselves onto the bacteria left by the urine or territorial spray. Animal urine has many different sort of bacteria and the enzymes cling to that bacteria and attack it, feeding off the leftovers. These are they types of enzyme you will find in carpet cleaners. It destroys the odor at the source and diminishes the left over bacteria until it has virtually disappeared and is undetectable. This is why you will probably have experienced the smell remaining or returning only a short time after using regular carpet cleaners. Ordinary carpet cleaners will clean to a degree and hide the odor with temporary fresheners but the fact remains that they are only short term solutions. It is only enzymes which can truly seek out and destroy the bacteria levels left behind by the animal.

When Do You Need Enzyme Carpet Cleaners?

Well, if you are house training an animal that is great time you use them. If your kitten or puppy keeps finding a spot and using it as a bathroom instead of the area you have specified, use the enzymes cleaners to cover the area and prevent the animal from recognizing it as its toilet area. It will also clean away any traces of the urine. You may also need it if your have other creatures coming onto your porch or patio area and spraying. It’s one thing for your own cat to do that but other strays is extremely irritating. You can still use the spray on areas not covered with carpet, but it does perform better within the pile of a carpeted area. Simply spray the cleaner on, let it dry over night have feast on the spills and vacuum away in the morning.